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Food & beverages

Optimize the supply chain, from forecasting to production to customer delivery to boost profits. Account for volume-based constraints, such as tanks, ovens, and freezers, to maximize throughput, improving productivity and reducing waste.


Improve collaboration with customers and suppliers, and better manage supply chain complexity to drive higher service levels, lower inventory, and lower supply chain costs.

Logistics providers

Make faster and better decisions to achieve more perfect orders and higher customer service levels.


Reduce operational costs and improve efficiency, use collaboration to interact with your supply chain partners, and gain clear, reliable, real time information about your suppliers.

Consumer goods

Get the right balance between demand and supply, optimize warehouse stocks, better controls incoming and outgoing flows, and be equipped to rapidly adapt to change.

High tech & electronics

Optimize your supply chain globally, respond to changes faster, and improve collaboration across your entire supply chain.

Specialized by Industry

3MWorks, Corp. offers industry-specific functionality for a range of industries.

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