What are the advantages of using Warehouse Management System

It can help you to reinvent your company's supply chain process through innovative technology, core industry-specific features, and a consumer-grade user interface.


With Warehouse Management System, you’ll be able to optimize your resources, streamline all your supply chain activities, and socially collaborate like never before.

How can Supply Chain helps me in my Logistic Services?

You can eliminate obstacles to fast information flow, so you can operate your business at a quicker pace and deliver more customer value at less cost. Supply Chain integrates capabilities for warehouse management, labor management, 3PL billing, transportation management, and other processes critical to the success of logistics service providers.

If I expand my operations, how flexible can this system adapt my process?

Supply Chain is a breakthrough solution that integrates into one flexible and configurable solution all the capabilities 3PLs need to succeed.


Can Supply Chain manage my workforce efficiently?

Yes, it monitor labor in real time to measure your workforce performance. Optimize the distribution of work using task management and analysis capabilities. Easily bill for non-transaction-based activities. Use easy-to-understand interfaces to reduce training time.

What are the capabilities of this SProcess?

If you’re a 3PL firm or need to track operating costs by division, you need the rich, fully integrated 3PL billing features in Infor Supply Chain Execution. With these powerful capabilities, you can simplify management of your billing and invoicing requirements and centralize billing across multiple facilities.


As a result, you’ll improve your collection process by reducing days of sales outstanding and enhance overall customer service. You'll be able to bill customers more accurately through enriched reporting, improved costing models, and billing for labor charges.

How do you ensure your warehouse operations to be more efficient?

To ensure the efficiency of warehouse operations, establish Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and use of standard reports.

How do we make sure that warehouse inventory is accurate?

The best thing to do in order to make sure an accurate inventory is through the use of Warehouse Management System Strategies and RFID scanner for real-time posting.

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